Ilet Blanc, Ilet aux Oiseaux, Mangrove, la Piscine,
Barrière de Corail, Apéro proche Ilet Fajou, 
 Apéro et repas à Petite Biche, lIet Caret, l'Epave 

The beginning of the adventure starts at 9:00 am at the Port of Sainte-Rose. The first step in the mangrove with its many islands of vegetation scattered over the azure sea. As a nature enthusiast in general, and plants in particular, Stéphane will explain in detail the specificities of the ecosystem of this specific area, as well as its importance. 

Direction further east to the other end of the lagoon, for a navigation between the coral reef and the Îlet Fajou. Comfortably seated on the large seats of the boat, you can admire the beauty of the seabed thanks to an almost transparent water. 

After passing through the old lime kiln, you will arrive at Îlet à Colas, still east of Îlet Fajou. This will be the occasion of the first activity of the day. You will put your diving equipment (fins, mask, snorkel), so that you can fully enjoy the crystal clear sea and catch a glimpse of a multitude of fish species of all colors evolving between beautiful intact corals. 

Direction then one of the most emblematic islets of the Grand cul-de-sac Marin and Guadeloupe: Îlet Caret. a white sandbank in the middle of the lagoon, a tourist attraction. Time to enjoy the aperitifs concocted by your captain, you will be able to contemplate a superb sight on the ocean on the other side of the coral reef and to see fully the beauty of the Grand cul-de-sac Marin. 

You will leave in the direction of La petite Biche for an aperitif in the water before going to lunch. You will then have your meal directly on the boat. 

The afternoon will be spent swimming. First at La Piscine, a site with a depth of 60cm and almost transparent water: the happiness of young and old! Then it will be on the side of the ship wreck that lands less than a meter from the surface. It will be an opportunity to swim and rub shoulders with the many fish that have made their home here, such as Colas, Carengues, Surgeons, Cardinals, Barracudas, Balaous, Royaks, Fishes, Groupers, Angels, Moray eels, Lobsters ... 

Before taking the cape of the port we will enjoy to share many starfish size "Pizza", 

The sun in the extension of the mountain range is admired by a superb panorama with the horizon Kahouane Ilet and Ilet La Tête à l'Anglais. 

The arrival at Sainte-Rose, for the return is scheduled at 16:30.

Drinks and menu prepared by the captain

aperitif served feet in the water and cold meal served on board the boat
L'apéro les pieds dans l'eau
L'apéro les pieds dans l'eau


  • 2L guava juice
  • 2L fruit cocktail juice
  • 2l Cola
  • 3,75l potable water
  • 2 bottles of rosé wine
  • 1l Bologne or Montebello rum
  • 2l coconut punch « by myself »
  • 2l planteur « by myself »
  • 1l lemon juice with water « by myself »
  • 50cl ginger syrup or «Krikabite by myself»


  • Tuna ceviche « by myself » (Aperitif)
  • Marlin rillettes (2 bread sticks) (Aperitif)
  • Cocktail sausages (pork)  with "dog sauce" - "sauce chien" (Aperitif)
  • Chicken pestle with colombo sauce « by myself »
  • Fillet of fish (marlin or thazard) « by myself 
  • Basmati rice with vegetables « by myself 
  • Pineapple and/or other fresh fruits